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No-one knows what year it is, and frankly no-one cares.

Between the muties and the heat there’s more pressing things to worry about than the date. Rad-storms can whip a man’s lungs right outta his chest and the dust’ll kill as sure as any bullet. What water you can find deep underground or falling from the sky will rot your gut and ruin your brain right after it quenches your thirst. And then there’s the sun, that old bastard glaring down on the ruins of the earth and laughing all the while.

Don’t sound appealing? Sure thing. I’d lend you my gun but I can’t waste the round. If life’s getting you down then just take a long walk in the wilds and let some mutie beast have your guts for garters. Circle of life and all that.

If you decide you’ve got the stones for it then you can come with me. We keep moving, keep scavenging, keep livin’. There’s still enough canned food and meds to make it worth our while to keep walkin’ into the darkness out there.

Of course you can stay here, crouched in the ruins of the old world like some lowly sewer rat. It’ll be safe for a while I’m sure, until some raiders like the look of this place a little too much. Or maybe a nice plague will roll in courtesy of one of these trader types? No matter how it looks, this place won’t last forever. Nowhere can anymore. At least with me you can earn some clean grub along the way, do some livin’ before you die.

If you do decide to come then we’ve gotta get you ready for what’s out there. No more easy livin’, no more soft beds and hot meals. Out there it’s just you, me, and whatever you can fit in your ruck. You’ll learn real quick the rules out there. Don’t be fooled, there are rules. Some hard-earned method to this madness.

There’s creatures out there you wouldn’t believe. Things that can rip a man apart faster than you can spit. Not to mention the weirdness out there that don’t even have a name, the kinda things that really keep you up nights. Now sure, there’s some organised folks out there. But remember, they’re just as like to take what’s yours and leave you choking on your own blood so much as give you the time of day. In any case keep a map handy and try not to stray too far. Might even live long enough to see some of the sights.

So, you comin’ kid? The winds should die down by tomorrow. Too much dust until then. If you’re serious about this then meet me back here before dawn and we’ll work out a deal.

Main Page

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